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Single Vision

Single-vision lenses correct distance, reading or intermediate.

Single vision lenses are available as:

• Standard lenses (1.5)

• Thin lenses (1.6)

• Extra thin lenses (1.67)

• Thinnest Lens (1.74)

• Light sensitive lenses


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Bifocal lenses Lenses correct both distance and reading. The lens is split into different parts, the top part for distance and the lower segment for reading.

The most popular Bifocals are D28 and R24 (See Image). Framesavers will always try to match the type of Bifocal you are wearing.

Please contact us for a quote if your Bifocal is different from the ones pictured.

Bifocal lenses are available as:

 Standard lenses (1.5) 

 Thin lenses (1.6) (D28 only) 

 Extra thin lenses (1.67) (D28 only) 

 Light sensitive lenses (D28 only)

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Varifocal lenses are similar to Bifocals, in that they provide more than one visual correction, however they do not have a visible line, and they combine your intermediate prescription.

Our varifocals are grouped into 3 categories – Standard, Premium and Elite.

We have put together a performance chart to help explain the differences. If you are not sure which type you are wearing we will identify them for you and quote accordingly.

All Varifocals are available as:

• Standard lenses (1.5)

• Thin lenses (1.6)

• Extra thin lenses (1.67)

• Thinnest Lens (1.74)

• Light-sensitive lenses

Choose Your Lenses

Occupational & Lifestyle

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