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Anti Reflection Coating

Anti-Reflection coating is applied to the surface of the lenses to reduce reflection. The decreased reflection makes lenses look better and produce less glare, which is particulary noticeable when driving at night or working in front of a monitor.

They allow more light through the lens which increases contrast and therefore increases visual acuity. Anti-Reflection coating also has a Hardcoat combined within it.

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Our Anti-Scratch coating is very effective for prescription lenses as it greatly reduces the occurrence of hairline scratches.

Though an anti-scratch coating is not 100% scratch proof, it helps to prevent minor scratches that can damage the surface of the lens.

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Lens Extras

Colour Tints

An alternative to Light Sensitive lenses for improving visual comfort are lenses with tints that remain constant at all times.

Light tints slightly reduces glare and can be worn indoors and darker tints can be used as sunglasses.

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