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What Our Customers Say About Us

Beyrel-Cole - Reglazing Glasses
"I was quoted over £190 for new bifocal glasses. Framesavers reglazed my own frame for only £49.00 including postage."
Beryl Cole
Framesavers - REGLAZE
"I would like to thank you very much for the professional and prompt service that I received from your company. My varifocal reglazed frames arrived safely yesterday."
Mr Ridley
Lucy-Taylor - Reglazing Glasses
"Thank you for the excellent work, service and advice in relation to the lenses that you have provided me. I am delighted with them."
Lucy Taylor
Framesavers - REGLAZE
"I love my designer frames and did not want to change them. Framesavers reglazed my own frame with single vision lenses for only £39.00 including P&P."
Dawn Hunter
Beyrel-Cole - Reglazing Glasses
"I was quoted £165 for my specatcles until I heard of Framesavers, they quoted me £49.95. I received my glasses today in the post and I am delighted with the results."
Mr Harper
Framesavers - REGLAZE
"New varifocal glasses were going to cost me over £200. Framesavers reglazed my own frames for just £59.00!"
John Hartigan

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