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Light sensitive, or transition lenses are designed to be worn all day, every day. They darken when outdoors and are clear when indoors and at night.

They protect your eyes, blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time. They are convenient because they reduce your need to wear prescription sunglasses in most outdoor conditions.

Our light sensitive lenses come in a choice of brown or grey and are available with our single vision bifocal and varifocal lenses.

Transition Reglaze glasses
Rhein-Vision Reglaze glasses
Transition1 - Reglazing Glasses BEFORE
Transition-2 - Reglazing Glasses AFTER
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Rimless Glazing

Framesavers are rimless glazing specialists and one of the few companies willing and able to expertly re-glaze you existing frames.

Our policy is to use specially toughened lenses which come as standard with an anti-reflection coat.

Rimless frames can be re-glazed with:

• Single vision

• Bifocals

• Varifocals

• Light sensitive

Rimless - Reglazing Glasses
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Sports Glasses

Framesavers specialise in reglazing sports glasses from a wide range of brands including Oakley. 

If you have damaged or scratched sports glasses, or you want to upgrade your prescription please call us and quote your sports glasses brand.

sports-Glasses - Reglazing Glasses

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